Dropping In

What an incredible beginning to the year!  Life has moved so quickly.  In the past few months, my wife Kim and I welcomed our third baby, Zeke Iron Masternak, to the family.  We bought our first minivan, something I never pictured doing.  Aurora Forge is officially an LLC as of March 2018.  We acquired our first new addition to our equipment: a high-resolution scanner.

This scanner is a beast!  It can do an entire 8.5 x 11 page in 2400 dpi, a level of detail so fine it clearly shows the fibers that make up the paper.  This will be useful for blowing up images and for zooming and panning when incorporating images into video storytelling.

The new scanner also handles film and slides in fantastic detail.  With a few collections to start from for digital conversion, the stories are already starting to pour forth.  It’s amazing to see this part of the ultimate vision materializing.

Aurora Forge is all about great storytelling, and I am so excited that we can begin to help families tell their stories.  This is step one.  Can’t wait to show the rest!

– Marcus


Good Vibes

It’s 2:25a.m. on January 30, 2018.  About 10 years ago, I reserved a domain name for a website I know could still change the world.  Over the years, bits and pieces of design come into my head, so I sketch them on napkins, invitations, business cards or whatever else is near.  While the current vision of the site is not nearly the ambitious behemoth I envision, this is a manageable start.  Humble beginnings.

After 10 years, TONIGHT I finally feel proud of this site and its layout.  Finally, I can see the way forward, and guess what, my friends…the path is bright.

Time to turn in.  May you sleep well and dream of utopias.

– Marcus
FB: @mmasternak
IG: @marc.rock

P.S. TikiMon watches over us all, benevolently I’m sure.


2018 Begins

People ask how the holidays were.  For my family, they had some pretty unreal twists and turns.  The lows were shockingly low, but the highs were strong, and balance is what it’s all about in my book.

Today is 1/25/18.  We have almost completed 1/12 months in the year, 3/52 weeks if you’re in retail, and almost 2/26 bi-weeks if you’re in payroll.  Time flies.  How long ago were you in college?  High school?  Middle school?  Kindergarten?  How far back do you remember?  Where are you right now?  Savor it, friend.  It all goes so quickly.

That being said, my ambitions for 2017 were grand.  This was going to be “our year” and I was going to launch my creative business and start down the path of-oh-no-it’s-February-and-I-just-broke-my-neck-and-totaled-my-truck!!   Well…2017 was not quite all we hoped.

I think it’s safe to say that 2018 will be a great year!  For serious.  I am wrapping up a business plan for Aurora Forge, finalizing an equipment list for start-up, and planning an exciting way to kick off the business and make everything possible.  Hopes are high, and I am happy.

I write this as my wife and children sleep.  The kids have no idea how close things come to not being okay, but that’s part of the magic of parenting, isn’t it?  As long as they sleep soundly, smiling as they drift off to sleep, I am a happy father.

If all goes to the grand design, soon I will have video production equipment to capture their stories in beautiful detail.

In closing up shop for the night, I wish you well.  I wish you pleasant dreams, sound sleep, and a night free of worry.  Tomorrow is a new day…another opportunity to make great things happen.



Sparks Ignite ~ Filmsupply Challenge

Check it out!  Filmsupply.com ran a contest called Filmsupply Challenge.  Contestants use access to professional stock video, music and audio effects to create a video 60 seconds or less.  There are 8 prizes packages to win, one of them being a $15K editing station.  Naturally, I gave it a shot.

This video ended up becoming a glimpse of what we’re going for here at Aurora Forge.  Please take a minute to watch it and leave some feedback!

Winners are announced Nov 14th.  The process of making the video and having the entry accepted is a prize in itself.

What do you think?  Looking forward to the next project!


Marcus Masternak

The Beginning of an Era


I need you.  This is why.

Let’s start with these two facts:
1. Time is a curious thing.
2.  Life is too short.

When we lose ourselves in a moment, all that matters is the here and now.

Nothing.  Else.  Matters.

The moment is eternity.  Summer nights.  Romantic encounters.  Reaching a pinnacle of great achievement.  It’s beautiful and strange that such a short frame in the entire timeline of our lives can seem so vast.

Conversely, my mind gets lost in the playback of life as I lived it so far.  As I watch my children play and learn, those images are overlaid with memories of youth, of meeting my bride, of all the close calls with Death and all the events that led me to this moment.  Each choice, each event shaped who I am today and how I will raise my children.  It makes me consider what’s left in the timeline.

Sometimes it happens after a significant event.  Sometimes it’s a slow realization.  Sometimes it just happens.  We wake up.  We wake up and change

the way we live
we remove the clutter
we create
we experience
we engage
we. are. awake.
we. are. alive.

Why do I need your help?

I woke up a long time ago.  I know I need to change my life to realize the potential before it’s too late and I’m six feet under.  I want to make movies, write books, record albums, travel the world, help people record their personal histories and create a website that will change the world by giving people an unprecedented system to organize their goals with guides on how to reach them.

These may sound like lofty generic goals.  Lofty?  Sure.  Generic?  No.  I have specific concepts and plans for each.  So why haven’t I done any of this yet?  I lack the resources.  Time.  Funds.  Knowledge.  Guidance.  This is where you come in.

I need your feedback.  I need your knowledge and guidance.  If you like what you’re seeing, you may want to buy a product, fund its production, or simply donate funds or equipment to help out.  Whatever your preference, I am grateful for the help.  Even if you have no prior experience in a given topic, I still want your feedback and your opinion.

So what do you say?  Let’s go on a journey.

Explore this site (Aurora Forge) to find out more.  Subscribe to the Facebook page and the YouTube channel to catch updates.  Like, share, comment or e-mail.  All of it helps.

Life is too short to let these opportunities drift away.  I need your help to make it happen.

Let’s create a better world together.

#auroraforge #imalive