The heart and soul, the pulsing rhythm of life.  Music is all around us, in nature, in our veins, in the tides of time.  Let this be the place you begin a new journey into a deeper understanding of music.

Maximizing Music In Your Life
A recurring theme at Aurora Forge is efficiency.  We will explore how you can access great music and organize it efficiently in your life.  What is the best way to organize music on your computer, phone or shelf?  What is the best way to listen to music throughout your home?  What is the cheapest way to live a sonically rapturous life?  Stay tuned.

Music Talk
Reviews of songs, albums and concerts.

Exploring and understanding music is made easier by following the artists who wrote/performed the music.  Explore the histories of bands or focus on a particular artist.

As great as it is listening to our favorite tunes in the car or at home, experiencing a live performance can be unforgettable.  The halls and hills that host these experiences echo with rare memories.  Here we celebrate our favorite venues.

Playing Guitar
One of the most versatile and beloved instruments of all time, the guitar offers a terrific way to connect with music.  If you are already a guitarist, check here for new ideas or to contribute.  If you are not a guitarist, you owe yourself a chance to try.  Many of us guitarists started with the thought “I can’t do this” in our heads.  The sense of freedom you can experience when playing along with your favorite songs is unparalleled.

Recording music is a world in itself.  Here we explore the history of recording music and all the methods available today.  How can you make decent recordings on a budget?  What setup will suit your needs?  Let’s find out!

Live Sound
Playing music at home is a fantastic way to explore music at your own pace.  Playing live is a totally different beast.  Explore all you need to know from taking the stage at a local restaurant to rocking the walls of your favorite stadium.  Even those who are not musicians may find a deeper understanding and appreciation of all that goes on to achieve quality live performances.

Here we celebrate (or lament) the instruments and various other hardware that keeps music alive.

[Editor’s Note: As you can see, this is just the framework.  We need your support to build from here.]