Before My Final Breath [BOOK]
A series of near-death experiences have left me with a drive to impart some knowledge and stories before my card gets pulled.  Before My Final Breath is a book full of life lessons shared through some pretty wild stories.

Going for Broke (working title) [ALBUM]
A full length album featuring some of the best songs I’ve written over the last 16 years of playing music.  Many stages and campfires have echoed with these tunes, and it’s long been time to record them and share them with the world.

Legacy Productions (working name) [PRODUCTION SERVICE]
My team can assist in recording stories of your family through existing and new content, then help with establishing those stories in a format convenient for you to enjoy and share long into the future.

Life is too short.  We too often decide that we will get that family picture next time or write down a loved one’s stories when the time is right, but the “right time” may never come.

Do you have piles of photographs, VHS tapes, or slides that capture moments of your family history?  All of those formats are susceptible to deterioration.  We can help you convert them to a digital format and archive the content in a way that makes it easy for you to explore the past.

Do you want to record loved ones telling stories of family history?  We can interview them and capture their stories on high definition video.

The ultimate service combines both processes.  We edit together the new content with the old, creating an immersive documentary-style experience.

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As the universe and humanity have their own complex timelines, each of us have our own.  From birth to death we travel our own paths and live our own stories.

Watch as I explore my own timeline, one that nearly ended numerous times.  I explore my heritage, the events of my youth, the lessons I learned and experiences that made me who I am today.  Through this journey, I hope to find a great way to help others record their own histories to be shared with their families.