Dropping In

What an incredible beginning to the year!  Life has moved so quickly.  In the past few months, my wife Kim and I welcomed our third baby, Zeke Iron Masternak, to the family.  We bought our first minivan, something I never pictured doing.  Aurora Forge is officially an LLC as of March 2018.  We acquired our first new addition to our equipment: a high-resolution scanner.

This scanner is a beast!  It can do an entire 8.5 x 11 page in 2400 dpi, a level of detail so fine it clearly shows the fibers that make up the paper.  This will be useful for blowing up images and for zooming and panning when incorporating images into video storytelling.

The new scanner also handles film and slides in fantastic detail.  With a few collections to start from for digital conversion, the stories are already starting to pour forth.  It’s amazing to see this part of the ultimate vision materializing.

Aurora Forge is all about great storytelling, and I am so excited that we can begin to help families tell their stories.  This is step one.  Can’t wait to show the rest!

– Marcus

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