2018 Begins

People ask how the holidays were.  For my family, they had some pretty unreal twists and turns.  The lows were shockingly low, but the highs were strong, and balance is what it’s all about in my book.

Today is 1/25/18.  We have almost completed 1/12 months in the year, 3/52 weeks if you’re in retail, and almost 2/26 bi-weeks if you’re in payroll.  Time flies.  How long ago were you in college?  High school?  Middle school?  Kindergarten?  How far back do you remember?  Where are you right now?  Savor it, friend.  It all goes so quickly.

That being said, my ambitions for 2017 were grand.  This was going to be “our year” and I was going to launch my creative business and start down the path of-oh-no-it’s-February-and-I-just-broke-my-neck-and-totaled-my-truck!!   Well…2017 was not quite all we hoped.

I think it’s safe to say that 2018 will be a great year!  For serious.  I am wrapping up a business plan for Aurora Forge, finalizing an equipment list for start-up, and planning an exciting way to kick off the business and make everything possible.  Hopes are high, and I am happy.

I write this as my wife and children sleep.  The kids have no idea how close things come to not being okay, but that’s part of the magic of parenting, isn’t it?  As long as they sleep soundly, smiling as they drift off to sleep, I am a happy father.

If all goes to the grand design, soon I will have video production equipment to capture their stories in beautiful detail.

In closing up shop for the night, I wish you well.  I wish you pleasant dreams, sound sleep, and a night free of worry.  Tomorrow is a new day…another opportunity to make great things happen.



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