The Beginning of an Era


I need you.  This is why.

Let’s start with these two facts:
1. Time is a curious thing.
2.  Life is too short.

When we lose ourselves in a moment, all that matters is the here and now.

Nothing.  Else.  Matters.

The moment is eternity.  Summer nights.  Romantic encounters.  Reaching a pinnacle of great achievement.  It’s beautiful and strange that such a short frame in the entire timeline of our lives can seem so vast.

Conversely, my mind gets lost in the playback of life as I lived it so far.  As I watch my children play and learn, those images are overlaid with memories of youth, of meeting my bride, of all the close calls with Death and all the events that led me to this moment.  Each choice, each event shaped who I am today and how I will raise my children.  It makes me consider what’s left in the timeline.

Sometimes it happens after a significant event.  Sometimes it’s a slow realization.  Sometimes it just happens.  We wake up.  We wake up and change

the way we live
we remove the clutter
we create
we experience
we engage
we. are. awake.
we. are. alive.

Why do I need your help?

I woke up a long time ago.  I know I need to change my life to realize the potential before it’s too late and I’m six feet under.  I want to make movies, write books, record albums, travel the world, help people record their personal histories and create a website that will change the world by giving people an unprecedented system to organize their goals with guides on how to reach them.

These may sound like lofty generic goals.  Lofty?  Sure.  Generic?  No.  I have specific concepts and plans for each.  So why haven’t I done any of this yet?  I lack the resources.  Time.  Funds.  Knowledge.  Guidance.  This is where you come in.

I need your feedback.  I need your knowledge and guidance.  If you like what you’re seeing, you may want to buy a product, fund its production, or simply donate funds or equipment to help out.  Whatever your preference, I am grateful for the help.  Even if you have no prior experience in a given topic, I still want your feedback and your opinion.

So what do you say?  Let’s go on a journey.

Explore this site (Aurora Forge) to find out more.  Subscribe to the Facebook page and the YouTube channel to catch updates.  Like, share, comment or e-mail.  All of it helps.

Life is too short to let these opportunities drift away.  I need your help to make it happen.

Let’s create a better world together.

#auroraforge #imalive


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